Captain Mitchel Travis, USMC, Retired


Mitchel’s grandfather was an avid comic collector and reader. When Mitchel was 6, his grandfather died and left him with his collection. Though the books were not exactly pristine, they were a marvel to the young boy, who wanted to be Captain America after reading them.

By the age 12, Michel knew what he wanted to do, he was going to be an officer in the Marines special forces, and did everything he needed to do to get into USNA Annapolis, gaining a nomination to the school from his congressman. He entered Annapolis in 2004.

From Annapolis it was on to STC, SERE, Intelligence training and having shown a predilection toward close quarter combat, he received an advanced close quarters combat battle training.

From 2009 to 2013 he spent serving his nation wherever and however he could in his Marine Special Operations Team (MSOT). In 2013 he was promoted to Captain and given his own team.

In 2015, his career came to an end. A mission in Afghanistan went horribly wrong. The intelligence they had received was completely wrong, and the insurgents were not radical Islamist, but something else. Whatever they were, he never got a good look, but it was like being in a s scene from a science fiction movie. He was shot in the leg, and then something hit him in the head

When he woke, he was on a hospital ship, and it was three weeks later. He has suffered a severe injury to his leg, which ended his military career. Only three of his 14 men survived the incident. With a titanium knee, he left the service in June 2015.

With time on his hand, and all healed up, Mitchel decided to go see what all the fuss was about, and decided to attend the 2015 San Diego ComicCon. Having thoroughly enjoyed his time, he made plans not only to attend the 2016 ComicCon, he planned to attend as his superhero. He even went as far to dye his hair for the event.

Never one to believe in non-functional gear, he made his suit quite functional (with kevlar and plates and even a little scale mail for the nostalgia) and a functional disc shield of steel. Titanium steel would have been better, but he could not afford it. Though he wouldn’t get the opportunity to show them off in the Con, he even practices a few shield throws and stunts.

Captain Mitchel Travis, USMC, Retired

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