Beatrice "Brick" Fawls

She's mighty-mighty




Beatrice or “Brick” to her friends is a fitness model who has managed to find herself in the unique business of Cosplay modeling.

Being a 6’2" Blonde with an amazing body has given Beatrice myriad opportunities to attend numerous sci-fi, comic and anime conventions wearing the guises of dozens of popular female superheroes.

Her most popular characters are Ms. Marvel, Samus Aran, the female Thor and Supergirl.

Though at first she took these jobs only for money and wanted nothing to do with the culture involved she has over the years come to enjoy then unique attention her jobs get her as well as becoming a true fan of more than one “nerdy” thing. Much to the chagrin of her fellow jock friends and her personal trainer boyfriend Dylan.

Beatrice "Brick" Fawls

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